Using her enhanced strength and bending abilities, she managed to free herself from her chains and confronted Zaheer in a duel while Bolin and Mako took care of the others. In isolation, unable to escape, she meditated and connected with Aang, discovering the truth about Tarrlok's heritage. Furthermore, Aang stated he never wanted to be the Avatar; meanwhile, Korra claimed she never wanted to be anything but the Avatar. She has demonstrated her adept skill and ability in earthbending on several occasions, notably launching a member of the Triple Threat Triad several stories into the air. As Kuvira moved to kill her, she was saved by Jinora and Opal and escaped from Zaofu with them, Ikki and Meelo.[55]. Bolin's Avatar Wiki Profile says that he was 16 years old at the show's Book One: Air. Upon learning that she was kept locked away from the world by Tonraq and Tenzin, Korra became quite irate toward them, being hostile whenever they tried to speak with her. As Korra's spirit was on the verge of being corrupted, Jinora's spiritual projection appeared and revealed Raava within Unavaatu. Korra fought Equalists on top of the Pro-bending Arena. Korra began to comfort her girlfriend, but then the group was informed that Guan had been able to win the election during their time away from Gaoling. [28] However, when she found out that Tonraq was not involved with an effort to overthrow Unalaq, she forgave him quickly.,, The group saw a Metal Clan airship approach the airfield, as Kuvira had informed Suyin of the situation earlier. Bolin may actually be 5'9 and I'm misremembering and Korra may be 5'7 but everyone else is spot on. However, after Tenzin's move to her home fell through, Korra took matters into her own hands and stowed away on a ship, traveling to Republic City. Arriving back in the city, Korra discovered that the new portal was the site of a property dispute between the land's owner, Wonyong Keum, and the Air Nation, who claimed that the portal was now a spiritually sacred site; meanwhile, the dragon eel spirit urged Korra to close the new portals as it would only lead to new disputes between humans and spirits. Korra can also be quite precise in her attacks, detaining several skilled Southern waterbenders without inflicting any major injuries. The story of The Legend of Korra takes place over several years. After the Equalists' defeat, Korra traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that Katara could undo Amon's action. Parents need to know that The Legend of Korra -- a sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender -- is rich in storytelling, mysticism, and positive themes surrounding a headstrong but principled heroine who heeds her sense of duty and works hard to make herself worthy of the role that destiny gave her. When Korra asked what she would find, she was offered the response that whatever it was, it would be interesting to find out. When Asami stated that she did not feel like returning to the party and could use a vacation, Korra offered to go with her anywhere she wanted. Inquiring if the elder could fix it, Korra was told that her recovery was dependent on her own efforts, though Katara would help guide her through the process. With tensions rising between the two tribes and the pressure to do something on Korra increased, she also began to have relationship troubles with Mako and, after he had informed Raiko of her plan to go to General Iroh behind his plan, they broke up. In reality, however, Korra was roaming the physical world by herself, crossing icy seas, hiking up volcanoes, and traversing the desert, all the while seeing an apparition of herself in the Avatar State. [54] When Kuvira announced over the city's communication system that Suyin and the twins had been captured, Korra tried to reason with the army commander, though she ended up being challenged for a one-on-one duel for the fate of Zaofu. [53] However, it was not until Korra confronted Zaheer in person and was helped by him to accept what had happened to her and release her fear of "what might have been" that she was able to fully reconnect with Raava.[57]. By 170 AG, at the age of seventeen, Korra had mastered all the elements except for airbending, which she was set to be taught by Tenzin as soon as he moved to the Southern Water Tribe. Korra's skills were great enough to quickly soothe away the pain on Bolin's injured arm[19] and mitigate the severe burns on General Iroh's arm, leaving no trace of scars. As seen when pairing with Bolin, Korra is able to effectively synchronize her earthbending with another person to increase the versatility and control of her target. In order to let Kuvira and the rest of the world know that the Avatar was back, Korra and the three airbenders traded the swamp for Zaofu, though they discovered that the military of the Earth Empire was already camped at its gates. While Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi would look for Jinora, Mako and Bolin would hold Unalaq back while Korra closed the portals. According to Asami Sato's Avatar Wiki Profile, she's 18 years old and the same age as Mako. Korra favors the "I'm looking for the bathroom" excuse whenever someone confronts her on what she is doing when she should not be there. Korra and Asami returned to the evacuee camp where they were welcomed by the rest of their friends and allies, and took note of the distress faced by the evacuated civilians of Republic City. Even against an expert weapons-wielder like the Lieutenant, Korra skillfully parried and countered his close-range assault. Aang (as the Avatar)Hasook (as the waterbending member of the Fire Ferrets) The three friends made amends before Mako retreated to the Sato estate with Wu, and Korra and Asami returned to Air Temple Island. Despite this, however, Korra did lament that she could not save him from Vaatu, showing that as badly as she felt toward her uncle, she never wanted him dead. [37] Although she tried to re-imprison the spirit of darkness, she could not prevent him from fusing with Unalaq and becoming the Dark Avatar. Asami and Team Avatar discussed whether Kuvira could be trusted to help with the democratic movement. The couple flew to Gaoling on Juicy with Toph, Suyin, and Opal, where they battled soldiers at the reeducation camp until Kuvira forced Guan to surrender. Her impressive raw strength allows her to easily lift Tenzin and his children at the same time, or a grown man with one arm. She managed to convince Kuvira to surrender, and when they both exited the Spirit World via the portal, Kuvira gave herself up to Lin and Suyin, acknowledging that the Avatar had saved her life and possessed a power beyond what she could ever hope to achieve. Book Four: Balance (174 AG) Korra and Tenzin held off the Dai Li along with the imprisoned airbenders as they prepared to escape. Jinora is one of the major characters of The Legend of Korra series, serving as a supporting character of Book 1, one of the two tritagonists of Book 2 (alongside Mako), one of the two deuteragonists of Book 3 (alongside her father, Tenzin) and a supporting character of Book 4. Korra further refined her airbending in the following years, showing the ability to create an air bubble around a person's head to provide them with oxygen and keep poisonous gases at bay. Weapon of choice Fully embracing her position as the Avatar from a young age, Korra is tough, impatient, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive. In terms of biological age, she is the second youngest known, with Avatar Aang being the youngest. Southern Water TribeFire Ferrets (formerly)Tarrlok's task force (formerly)Team Avatar At one point after starting her waterbending training, Korra sneaked out of her home to follow a pack of polar bear dogs to play with them. Kuvira claimed that the rest of Team Avatar had been brainwashed, which Toph confirmed to be true via her truth-seeing. [43] Korra quickly became more versed in metalbending, being able to skillfully wield metal cables with great dexterity and fluidity in her movements and ensnare her opponents, even more, experienced metalbenders, with said cables. [21] There, feeling insecure about herself as the Avatar, she and her friends formed a team with the purpose of patrolling the city and apprehending Equalists. She was initially nervous when she had to speak in her first press conference in Republic City. After witnessing Tokuga and his hostages board an airship, Korra borrowed Oogi and flew to release Asami from captivity. After her birth in 153 AG, Korra is confirmed to be the next Avatar in 157 AG after a visit by the Order of the White Lotus. As with earth and water, fire also manifested at a young age. However, Asami did not turn up to the date, and Korra called Mako and Bolin to back her up in going to the Creeping Crystals' headquarters in search of Asami. Zaheer promptly disposed of Aiwei by throwing him into the Fog of Lost Souls, leaving the two of them to talk. When Korra finally managed to restore her contact with Raava, the Light Spirit lit up within her. While she was taught Northern and Southern-style waterbending, which both employ fluid motions, Korra has quickly adapted to Republic City's more aggressive, straightforward waterbending style. The Legend of Korra is a show just as much about family bonding as elemental bending, including that of Aang, Katara, and their offspring. However, after she learned there from her uncle, Unalaq, that it had been Tenzin and Tonraq's decision to keep her secluded in the compound, she broke with her airbending master and accepted Unalaq's offer to become her spiritual guide. Korra is the second known Avatar shown to know of her status as the Avatar before her sixteenth birthday, Aang being the first, though she knew of her status at a significantly younger age. [12], After Chief Unalaq learned that his niece was the Avatar, he constantly sought Tonraq's permission to train Korra in the spiritual ways of the Water Tribe, but his estranged brother shot him down. To help the United Republic prepare for battle, Korra asked the spirits to help defend their new home, though they refused to take part in human wars. Her meditation in the hollow of the tree was interrupted by chattering spirits, who were debating among themselves whether or not she was the Avatar. As the Avatar was about to overpower the councilman, Tarrlok revealed himself to be a bloodbender and subdued her with the ability. Hearing that the situation had been stabilized by Kuvira, she grew sad, stating that the metalbender was doing her job. Korra retreated into the tunnel system of the city, where she would await the arrival of reinforcements in the form of General Iroh and his United Forces. As such, she angered Tarrlok, and the councilman broke up their team by arresting all of Korra's friends. The old healer was unable to, however, and a heartbroken Korra ran off to grieve on her own. Tenzins Avatar Wiki Profile says that he is 51 years old. [39], Korra also has keen instincts under pressure, demonstrating capable tactical and escape skills, such as using her armband as an insulator against the Lieutenant's electrical assault and faking unconsciousness in order to catch the Equalists by surprise. Although Katara comforted her, emphasizing that she was safe there and urging her to use her mind to overcome her pain, Korra refused to try again, declaring herself done for that day. After being found by Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, they all returned to Toph's dwelling in the swamp, where Korra eventually managed to bend out all of the residual poison out of her system.[53]. After learning the origins of the Avatar Spirit through the life of Avatar Wan and regaining her memories, Korra became more patient and humble, as exemplified when she thanked Tenzin for his undying loyalty to her. The Legend of Korra (abbreviated as TLOK ), also known as Avatar: The Legend of Korra, is an American animated fantasy action television series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko for Nickelodeon. The new couple chose to journey to the Southern portal and pay a visit to Korra's parents and tell them about their new relationship. After Asami and Hiroshi managed to cut a hole in the suit, which cost Hiroshi his life, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin infiltrated the mecha suit. [30], Korra and Team Avatar journeyed back to Republic City in an attempt to persuade President Raiko to deploy the United Forces fleet to aid the South. She still showed compassion and pride for her friends throughout, however, and was present when Jinora received her airbending tattoos, crying during the ceremony. On the surface, Korra is fierce, independent, and pugnacious, but beneath her tough exterior, she possesses a strong loyalty toward her friends and duty as the Avatar. While being healed by Katara, Korra was told that the mercury poison had caused considerable internal damage. In an attempt to follow them, they staked out Aiwei's room at the Misty Palms Inn, though eventually discovered that the grove was located in the Spirit World. Upon sinking into despair after Katara was unable to restore her lost bending, Korra was finally able to connect with her past lives, which restored all her bending abilities, as well as passing on to her the ability to energybend. She expressed her desire to return to Republic City, hoping that it could speed up her recovery due to it being the place of action and where her friends were. As an Air Nomad, The Legend of Korra 's Aang has no parents which Zuko crudely mentions in an early episode but that doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about fatherhood. She fully intended to kill Zaheer, showing her righteous fury, but with a dark and wrathful side to her as well. [27] Korra expressed more hostility toward her father after learning about his past in the Northern Water Tribe. She can also tear through a large, thick metal wall obstructing her path, albeit with some difficulty as she is still somewhat new to this skill. Korra's temper and rage, once provoked, could border on murderous, as during her captivity by the Red Lotus and still believing that Zaheer had killed her father, Korra declared that she would be free and none of the Red Lotus would survive. Tenzins height is 6ft 2in, as mentioned in the comparison from justsomewan. When Korra learned of Varrick's plan to kidnap Unalaq, she feared that her father was involved. [20], Soon after, Korra discovered that Hiroshi Sato had ties with the Equalists, and as such, she invited both Asami Sato and the bending brothers to come to live with her on the island. Mako: A firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City Bolin: Mako's younger brother who can earthbend. Still suffering from the mental whiplash of the mercury poisoning, Korra was haunted by visions of her Avatar self attacking her. Korra attempted to intervene in tensions between Southern Water Tribe civilians and Northern military forces. With the fate of the world at stake, Korra engaged Unalaq in battle. Korra and Asami held hands and gazed at each other lovingly as they entered the spirit portal, beginning their romantic relationship. Korra traveled to the Spirit World through the northern spirit portal and made her way to the Tree of Time. Coincidentally, the actress who provided the voice of four-year-old Korra is also named. Six months after having left the South Pole, Korra made her way to a small Earth Kingdom town at night, where she was once again haunted by her Avatar apparition. Their search led them to Zaofu, where they met up with Suyin Beifong, Lin's half-sister, whose daughter Opal had become an airbender. Korra apologized to Asami for having been absent for three years and tried to comfort her for the loss of her father. Whereas Aang relied most on his native element, Korra does not have a preference for one element over the other. Fighting styles ,
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